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CGC1511290 - Cert. General Contractor

CFC1428428 - Cert. Plumbing Contractor

CCC1329721 - Cert. Roofing Contractor

EC13004876 - Cert. Electrical Contractor

CUC1225223 - Cert. Underground Contractor

ICC- BT -229 - Cert. Backflow Tester

General Contractors

At BNB Construction Inc. we coordinate everything through the design and permitting phase to obtaining the final certificate of occupancy. Our services include, as referenced above, Custom Construction, Disaster Restoration and Site Development. 

Quality Construction Services

Working hand-in-hand with the property owner, we ensure that the job will be done in a timely fashion, based upon the specifications of the owner and with input from the governing county for city laws or ordinances .

Disaster Restoration

BNB Construction Inc. offers specialized construction assistance when natural disasters strike or major remodeling is necessary. We understand the emotional bewilderment you experience due to the damage that takes place after a disaster, whether natural or man-made. We mitigate damages, renovate and rebuild ensuring compliance with regulations, to restore your property to its former glory while, most importantly, protecting your interests.Our goal at BNB Construction Inc. is to get your life back in order in the most professional, unobtrusive, and timely manner. Remember you never know when disaster will strike but you can rest assured that we will help you rebuild, we are on your side not the insurance company's.

Custom Builders

BNB Construction Inc. specializes in design-build custom homes and commercial structures. Our many years in and around the construction field has helped us build relationships with many designers, however you are also encouraged to bring in your own plans from your architect. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail & customer service. You can rest assured that, from start to finish, we will be there to help you through the entire building process. Every phase of the construction process is under our direct supervision and control, from the design review to the permitting process through to obtaining a certificate of occupancy, we assure you that quality is being built into your finished project. Diversity & creativity helps BNB Construction Inc. provide you with the building of your dreams.

Site Development

We at BNB Construction Inc. may not be the only site developers but we are the best. We are a company that can develop a new construction site completely. Because of our diversity, we can manage the multiple phases typical on a new construction project such as demolition, paving and drainage. Since we are equipped with multiple base, pipe and paving crews, a project's schedule can successfully be adhered to. We are State licensed, insured and have bonding capabilities to meet your needs. Keep in mind BNB Construction Inc. is a full-service company. No need to look any further. Our Services include but are not limited to demolition, land clearing, earthwork and grading, domestic utility installation (water, storm drains and sanitary sewer) and asphalt installation.

Contact us about a consultation for general construction, roofing, underground utility and/or plumbing services; or to certify your backflow.