When I started my construction project and began interviewing companies, I never dreamt it would be so difficult to choose a company to work with. However, after meeting with Brian and Novia Bent I felt and knew I was in competent hands and very comfortable moving forward with them. Together they even worked with me on the plans and were always here for me when I had questions and or needed advice. I felt compelled not to just hire them but upon completion to write a letter of recommendation! The Bent's have demonstrated in incredible amount of PROFESSIONALISM, RESPECT and KINDNESS from day one and throughout. They have never ever wavered in their ability to stand behind their words and actions. They have done an outstanding job, handled problems and always addressed questions in a timely manner. Their attention to detail and suggestions were not only straight forward and honest but in many instances led to a better product with less money spent.  From start to finish dealing with the Bent's has been a pleasure in everyway. Construction in Florida is a scary prospect, one that often involves tens of thousands of dollars. Horror stories one often hears when doing business in Florida is common practice now-a-days. You won’t have that problem with the Bents, they are professional and also lovely people to deal with. They have far surpassed my expectations and met every need I had. I don't say that lightly and don't say it often enough!  

The true test in business is whether or not we will do business together again. Let me assure you that my next building project will definitely include BNB Construction.

Jody F.

Parkland, Florida